Burlington County's Roadmap to Excellence

A message from Freeholder Director Bruce Garganio and County Administrator Eve Cullinan:

Dear Friends,

This presentation shows that government can be run efficiently and effectively while being extraordinarily fiscally responsible.

Burlington County has always strived to provide our residents with the best possible services while keeping spending low and reducing the tax burden. We have been extremely successful in that endeavor even through the worst economic recession in modern history.

This presentation shows some highlights from what the County has accomplished in the last 5 years.

During this time, the County saw a total decrease of $6.3 Billion or 13% in property values and a $50 million decrease in revenue. A decrease such as this would be devastating to any entity. To combat this loss in revenue, the County decreased our tax levy by $24.2 million or 12.5% and decreased overall spending by over $43.7 million or 19.2%.

To the best of our knowledge, no other county in the nation has been able to accomplish what we have…

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