Student Internship Program

Interning at a local health department will alter you perspective of public health as a field. Burlington County's Health Department is charged with safe-guarding our resident's health in a variety of ways. We work in the field to make sure your food is safe to eat; we work with coalition to help with outreach and access; we work with legislation to help put policies in place to keep everyone health.

The Burlington County Health Department partners with various educational institutions to host students for credit-awarded internships. If you are interested in interning at BCHD, please fill out the forms below and submit by the listed dates to allow for processing and interviewing. All internships are offered on a project and space availability basis.

For Spring Semester (Jan-May) internships, please have paperwork submitted no later than October 15.
For Summer Semester (May-Aug) internships, please contact Human Resources no later than February 1.
For Fall Semester (Aug-Dec) internships, please have paperwork submitted no later than June 15.

Please note that submission of materials does not guarantee placement.

Please fill out all applicable fields.  For more information, please click on one of the links below.  Application deadlines and more information can also be found by clicking here.

Please utilize the Student Internship Checklist below to ensure all materials are present for application submission. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.