Tax Appeals

File Online

Burlington County property owners can file their tax appeals online.   

File your Tax Appeal online here!

The online appeal site is only compatible with Google Chrome & Firefox web browsers.

The process is straightforward and convenient.

Advantages & Benefits

With online filing homeowners have the advantage of electronically transferring their completed applications to the required departments--tax assessor's office, municipal clerk, and county tax board. This process is immediate after completing all necessary fields.

As a filing safeguard, no application will be accepted until properly completed, but homeowners will have the option of saving their work and returning to it at a later time to complete the form.

Homeowners will benefit by receiving notifications through email and now also have the option to include a mobile phone number for text alerts.

Another benefit to online filing is being able to add supportive evidence to the appeal file up to 7 days before the hearing date.

Paper Filing

Of course, property owners can still use the paper form to file tax appeals by downloading the form here

Access a paper Tax Appeal form (PDF)

or picking it up from the County Tax Board office or their local municipal offices. Paper appeals must either be mailed into the Tax Board office or hand delivered and arrive before the deadline of April 1st at 5pm.  With the exception of homeowners in Riverside, their deadline is May 1st at 5pm.  Appeals will not be accepted via fax or email.

Note to Petitioners

Important note to all tax appeal petitioners, whether using electronic or paper filing: It is imperative that petitioners read and understand all instructions in order to complete the application correctly.  Failure to do so may present problems later, possibly causing the appeal to be dismissed.

Serving an Appeal

When utilizing the paper form, you must serve 1 copy of your tax appeal, with the filing fee, to the Board of Taxation by the filing deadline.


You are also required to serve 1 copy of your tax appeal to the Municipal Clerk and one to the Municipal Assessor, whose offices are located at the municipality. If you file an appeal through the Online Appeal System it automatically gets served to all parties.