Photo List

The Burlington County Freeholders announce way for victims of Jack Holton’s photograph scam to easily search for their photos. Past customers of Weddings Unlimited and Renaissance Photography who paid for but did not receive their photographs, can look through a list of them online.

Hundreds of CDs and negatives are waiting for their owners. Many of the CDs are not labeled or marked properly, so it is difficult to locate the proper customers. Most of the CDs have a date and many of them have a single name or two names.

Recover Rate
All of the information marked on the CDs have been entered into a file that past customers can review. So far, only about 50 individuals have recovered their CDs.

Jack Holton, who operated photography businesses in Medford, Cinnaminson and Palmyra at various times, under the names "Weddings Unlimited" or "Renaissance Photography," served a prison term for defrauding customers.

More than 80 complaints were brought against Holton and his photography businesses in 2009. Some of the complaints alleged non-delivery of products, such as photographs and albums; some were for non-performance of contracted services such as weddings, and one was for poor quality of work. Most of the complaints were between September 2002 and May 2009. The thefts range in amounts from $800 to $6,600, and the victims came from several counties across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Inquire About a Recovery
Anyone who had entered into a photography agreement with Jack Holton and who never received their photographs, should contact the Burlington County Health Department at 609-265-5548.