What is being done to increase adoptions for cats and dogs?
BCAS works with 70+ rescue and foster groups. Several animals, both cats and dogs, are featured as pets of the week on the Burlington County Facebook page. We continue to promote already low adoption fees and will be offering discounted adoption fee promotions throughout the year. We continue to promote our shelter and work on a model of repeat customers, referrals, rescues and fostering. BCAS also has a cat or dog on display the last Friday of every month at the County Corner Store in the Moorestown Mall!

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1. Can the shelter have animals available for adoption at Farm Fairs, Pet Expos and other events?
2. Can the shelter promote its adoption services more?
3. How do I adopt an animal?
4. How long does it take to adopt an animal?
5. What is being done to increase adoptions for cats and dogs?
6. Why do you spay / neuter all the adopted animals?
7. Why doesn't the shelter approve or disapprove of an applicant "one time" for current and future adoptions?
8. Is there a 3 application policy and why does the shelter take 3 applications?
9. What happens when my application is not picked?
10. Why not take the first qualified applicant as soon as possible?