How does a 4-H club work?
A 4-H club is a group of 5 or more kids, guided by an adult 4-H leader.

Each club has a charter.

It is approved by the club members and contains the rules by which the club operates. The club meets once or more each month. Some members serve as officers. They are elected by the club members.

Dues are optional and decided by the club.

Cloverbud clubs are for youth in grades Kindergarten-3. They provide an introduction to 4-H and a way for younger members to explore several projects. The Cloverbud Program is designed to be non-competitive.

In a standard 4-H club, members choose to work on at least one project in-depth. A project may be a topic like geology, photography, small animals, food and nutrition, or bicycling. It can be almost any subject that the club agrees to learn. Often a club will concentrate on one or two projects. Completed projects may be exhibited at the county 4-H fair each summer.

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