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You maybe Entitled to the Following Services and Programs at Age:
55 Years
Senior Community Service Employment Program
*Paid on the job training
*Free job placement
*Classroom training

Taxes/Tax Benefits
*When selling principal place of residence, up to $500,000 of capital gain is tax-free on federal income taxes and up to $125,000 on NJ income tax.  Property tax deduction of $250 for widow (er) of property owner. Volunteer Programs
*Retired and Senior Volunteer Programs: helping community agencies (Out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed).
60 Years
Area Agency on Aging
*Services provided under the Older Americans Act
*Congregate and Home Delivered Meals
*In Home services
*Legal Assistance
*Information and Referral Assistance

Income Maintenance Programs
*Partial Social Security/Railroad Retirement survivor benefits for widow (er).
*For widow (er) remarrying, retention of Social Security benefits.

Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly
*Protection of rights for people in certain health facilities, and investigation of complaints of abuse.

Public Guardian for Elderly Adults
*Guardian or conservator of last resort for elderly adults with no willing or responsible family members or friends who can serve in those capacities.

Recreation, Leisure, Entertainment
*Through Area Agencies on Aging, participants of professional and nonprofessional artist and sculptors in NJ Senior Citizens Annual Juried Art Contest, and Exhibition.

Taxes/Tax Benefits
*Assistance with preparation of federal and NJ income tax returns by trained tax volunteers at neighborhood locations.

Victims of Crime Compensation Board (ACT)
*For victims of crimes, there is no out-of-pocket loss required before seeking compensation with the courts.

Volunteer Programs
*Foster Grandparent Program: helping children with disabilities (small weekly stipend).^
*Senior Companion Program: assisting frail elderly (small cash allowance).^
62 Years
*Rutgers University: low-cost, tuition-free courses on space available basis.

Housing/Housing Services
*Eligibility for low cost senior housing, and for Congregate Housing Services Program. ^
*Residents of multiple dwellings, rent grace of five days; protection against condo conversion. ^

Income Maintenance Programs
*80% Social Security/Railroad Retirement benefits for retirees.
*Social Security survivor benefits for parents of deceased workers. ^

Recreation, Leisure, Entertainment
*Clam, oyster digging licenses for $2.00 processing fee.
*Free senior citizen pass to NJ historic sites, recreation areas.
*Golden Age Passport to national parks, forests, historic sites, recreation areas for a lifetime fee of $10.

Taxes/Tax Benefits
*Portion of pension exempted from NJ Gross Income Tax
*Partial exemption of Realty Transfer Fee for homeowners selling home.

*Reduced fare on all intrastate, and most interstate trains, buses.
65 Years
*Public colleges, tuition-free and reduced fee courses on space available basis.

State Health Insurance Program
*Volunteer Counselors assist Medicare enrollees of all ages with questions problems and claim forms related to Medicare, supplemental policies, and long-term care insurance.

Health and Wellness Programs
*Medicare and Medicaid ^
*Medicare Prescription Plan D
*Personal needs allowance (monthly) for residents of long term care facilities, boarding homes, and residential health care facilities. ^
*Medically Needy Program ^
*NJ Care ^

Housing Assistance
*Lifeline Credit Program ^

Income Maintenance Programs
*100% Social Security/Railroad Retirement Benefits for retirees Social Security benefits increase annually for each year benefits are not claimed.
*Supplemental Security income to aid person with low incomes. ^
*Veterans Pension. ^

*5% reduction in charges for personal injury protection and liability insurance for automobiles.

*Hunting and fishing licenses at reduced fees.

^ = Income or other eligibility requirement