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Burlington County is Open for Business

Welcome to the Burlington County Business portal.Open For Business -2

The information on these pages is designed to assist local businesses from an idea stage to growing and succeeding. Many businesses have had to overcome challenges and difficulties in an extremely volatile economy and whether the COVID-19 pandemic. Things are improving but we still have a long way to go to get back to the prosperous business environment of before. We want to help businesses start, grow and thrive.

We have collected the best and most comprehensive information vital to a business looking to relocate in Burlington County or for someone who wants to start or grow a company in the County. This site is also the central location for information on business training and workforce development in the area.

Burlington County provides an excellent environment for the business community to prosper, due in part, to the County maintaining the lowest county tax rate in the region. 

Our community is served by top public and private colleges and universities, and state-of-the-art medical facilities that produce a skilled workforce for any business. We are partnering with Rowan College at Burlington County and Burlington County Institute of Technology to assist employers in matching job openings with highly trained job seekers and also plan and conduct customized trainings to meet industry needs.

The Department of Economic Development is ready to help meet your siting, expansion, or business development needs, and has a track record of success in fostering business growth. They are here to provide economic development assistance, work force statistics, availability of sites, tax incentives, business development, and practical advice that will help with your business goals.

Thank you for choosing Burlington County. We look forward to watching your company grow.

Felicia Hopson
Burlington County Commissioner Director