School Audits

School and Childcare audits are required annually to ensure compliance with N.J.A.C 8:57 New Jersey State Sanitary Code, Immunization of Pupils in Schools. Conducting annual audits is considered a best practice to capture accurate, current and pertinent data for assessing immunization status of a community and vulnerability during potential outbreaks.

How to Clean and Disinfect Schools to Help Slow the Spread of Flu (PDF)



Every school, preschool, or childcare shall maintain an official State of New Jersey immunization record for every pupil.

 Official Documents include:

  1. IMM-8: NJ Department of Health; Standard School/Childcare Immunization Record (Yellow Card)
  2. A-45: NJ Department of Education; State Health History/Record and Appraisal Form
  3. New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS) Official Immunization Record


April – August:

Schools are encouraged to send a notice home to parents/guardians informing them of the immunization requirements to ensure compliance at the beginning of each following school year.

To access the School immunization information documents, which provide information on all the vaccination requirements for students enrolled /enrolling in a NJ school, refer to the NJDoH Immunization Audit Documents below.


Prior to your scheduled audit:

I. Print an updated student roster (Note: # of total school enrollment and # for each requested grade)

A. Pre-School/Child Care:

  • All students
  • REMINDER: Influenza requirement must be satisfied by December 31st of EVERY year. See Influenza Requirements.

B. Elementary Schools:

  • All Kindergarten and if no kindergarten, all first grade
  • All transfer/new students from out-of-district beginning on or after September of current school year

C. Middle Schools:

  • All sixth grade students
  • All transfer/new students from out-of-district beginning on or after September of current school year

D. High Schools:

  • All transfer students coming from out-of-state or out-of-country (not out-of-district)

II. Pull all A45 cards or yellow cards for group requested out of folders:

Note: A45 cards are to be used for all students enrolled in school over 59 months of age/ Yellow cards are for all students 59 months of age and under.

A. Use original cards, copies will NOT be accepted.

B. Be sure to properly transcribe all immunizations; separate group vaccines and note them accordingly.

C. Attach any religious/medical note to perspective card. If the student has doctor appointments for any missing vaccines please provide an official note from the doctors’ office.

D. If you are uncertain/or concerned with a student’s immunization record, have the immunization documents available for review. Reviewing a student’s additional immunization documents is a courtesy, not mandatory in the auditing process.

*Please be advised that the times scheduled for your audit are tentative. The schedule may change due to time inconsistencies in auditing. Auditors will make every effort to call ahead to inform you if they will be coming early or late.

School Immunizations Audit Timeline