GIS Day 2015 Speaker Presentations

Azavea’s Summer of Maps Program: Bridging the GIS Divide for Nonprofits (PDF)
 by Sarah Cordivano, Azavea

Using the ArcGIS Platform to Support Historic Preservation Master Plan Updates (PDF)

 by Bob Pliszka, JMT Technology Group

Mount Holly Street Tree Inventory via ArcGIS Mapping (PDF)
 by Randi Rothmel & Nick Sodano, Mount Holly Environmental Advisory Committee

Balloon Imagery for Assessing Wetlands Sites (PDF)
 by Dom Elefante & Ildiko Pechmann, Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute

GIS and Journalism (PDF)
 by John Duchneskie, the Philadelphia Inquirer

To Observe the Earth and Visualize the Future (PDF)

 by John Moore & Peter Dorofy, Palmyra Cove Nature Park and Environmental Discovery Center

Mapping Being Considered for Draft Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program (PDF)
 by Kyra Hoffmann, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Hamilton Township, New Jersey Stormwater Control Maintenance System Using GIS & GIS Applications to Stormwater Management for Local Municipalities in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Area (PDF)

 by Simon Lewis & Nick Wade, McMahon & Associates