State Attorney ID Cards

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office in conjunction with the New Jersey Sheriff’s Association is offering a State Attorney ID Card to any attorney who is licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey.

The Sheriff’s Office in each county is responsible for issuing the New Jersey State Attorney ID Cards to licensed attorney’s who live or practice in that respective county. These State Attorney ID Cards are recognized in all 21 counties in New Jersey.

Out of County Attorneys

These State Attorney ID Cards are issued from the county vicinage where the attorney lives or maintains a law office. However if your county sheriff no longer offers this service and you are located within a reasonable distance to Burlington County, the Burlington County Sheriff’s Office will offer the NJ State Attorney ID Card to out of county attorneys. The card provides identification that the bearer is a licensed attorney in New Jersey, and is accepted in all 21 County Courts Complexes by each County Sheriff’s Office, who provide security screening at each of their respective courts buildings.


In order to receive your card, there are 3 steps. Please note that the Sheriff’s Office will not accept payments or process the applications directly. You must first contact the Burlington County Bar Association.

  1. You must submit an application through the Burlington County Bar Association office. You do not have to be a member of the Burlington County Bar to submit an application. A $25 Burlington County Bar Association Member fee applies for the 5-year Attorney ID card (a $50 fee applies to non-members). Applications are available from 2 locations. First, online at the Burlington County Bar Association website or you can also find the application on our website (PDF).

    Call the Bar Association office at 609-261-4542 to make an appointment to submit your application and fee, or simply mail the application to the Bar Association Office with payment. The Burlington County Bar Association is located at the following address:
    Burlington County Bar Association
    137 High Street
    Mount Holly, NJ 08060

  2. Second, the Bar Association Office will then fax the approved application to the Burlington County Sheriff’s Office, Community Outreach Unit. It is located in the following address.
    Burlington County Sheriff's Office
    49 Rancocas Road
    Mt. Holly, NJ 08060

  3. After the Bar Association has faxed your application to the Sheriff's Office, the attorney may then make an appointment to have their Attorney ID Card made, simply call the Sheriff's Department at 609-265-3788.


This card will not allow the attorney to bypass security screening. However certain counties may have special attorney entrances, if the Sheriff’s Office in that vicinage has the ability to provide one. This card may also be required to gain entrance into secured chambers areas.