Clubs & Projects

Clubs are the foundation of the 4-H program. A 4-H club is a group of 5 or more youth guided by 1 or more adult volunteer leader. Organized 4-H Clubs are offered to youth in grades Kindergarten-13 and consist of members of an organized group of youth led by an adult with a planned program that is carried on throughout all or most of the year.

4-H clubs may meet in any location and typically have elected officers and a set of rules, or by-laws, approved by the membership to govern the club. The club meets once or more each month. Some members serve as officers who are elected by the club members.

Collecting club dues is optional and is decided by each club's membership.

Standard Clubs

Standard 4-H clubs involve youth in grades 4-13 and focus on in-depth learning of one or more projects.

Standard clubs may focus on one or two specific projects or be considered a 'community club,' which includes several youth working on a variety of projects.

A project may be a topic like geology, photography, small animals, food and nutrition, horses, marine sciences, or bicycling. It can be almost any subject that the club agrees to learn. Completed projects may be exhibited at the county 4-H fair each summer.

Other Clubs

  • Community clubs typically meet in the evenings or on weekends and offer self-chosen multiple learning experiences and activities.
  • In-school clubs meet during the school hours but have officers and planned activities beyond school enrichment.
  • 4-H after-school clubs are organized within childcare settings. They have officers and planned activities.
  • Military 4-H clubs are organized by the Armed Forces often on military installations and principally for military dependents.

4-H Projects

4-H Projects can be anything - child care, astronomy, dairy cattle, photography, woodworking, sewing, cooking, gardening, dog training, goats, dancing, nutrition, and much more. Through various 4-H programs, youth can learn about these and other projects.

More Information

For more information about any of the clubs or to learn how to start a new 4-H club, please email the Burlington County 4-H Office, or call 609-265-5052.