Rancocas Creek Greenway Trail - Riverside

The newly opened portion of the Rancocas Creek Greenway Trail currently extends from Amico Island in Delran to Pennington Park in Delanco. The trail is divided into two segments for easier viewing and planning: Riverside section and Delanco section. Amico Island is the access point for the Riverside section. This regional multi-use paved trail will follow the Rancocas Creek corridor. The trail is open dawn to dusk every day of the year.

Rancocas Greenway Trail Riverside section

The Riverside section of the Rancocas Creek Greenway Trail is 1.5 miles one way from Amico Island to the Pavilion Ave. bridge (Rancocas Creek crossing). The trail continues 2.23 miles on the Delanco Twp side of the Creek, connecting behind the Newton’s Landing development and through Pennington Park. The entire length from Amico Island to the end of Pennington park is 3.7 miles (one way).

Starting at Amico Island’s parking lot, the paved trail is off-road and runs adjacent to River Drive and the Rancocas Creek. At 0.75 miles, the trail meets the municipal park. At 1 mile, the trail crosses the first footbridge over a small stream. After that, the trail continues on the sidewalk through downtown Riverside on Polk St., crossing the intersection of Fairview St. and Madison St. Then it turns left onto Pavilion Ave (do not cross Pavilion Ave, stay on the sidewalk on the left side of the road), which connects to the pedestrian walkway on the Pavilion Ave. bridge that crosses the Rancocas Creek at 1.5 miles. Those wishing to continue on the Delanco Twp side can follow the trail for an additional 2.23 miles to Pennington Park.

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