Recording a Sheriff's Deed

Sheriff's deeds are recorded with the County Clerk’s office.


To submit your documents, via mail or drop-off to the County Clerk's office you must have:

  • Created a coversheet to attach to the deed(s)
  • Calculated the required recording and transfer fees
  • Attach a check for payment to "Burlington County Clerk"


Steps for recording of a Sheriff's Deed.

STEP ONE: Prepare and attach the Burlington County Summary Sheet to each of your Sheriff Deeds.

STEP TWO: Calculate the recording fee of $45 for the Summary sheet. This is counted as first page. There is a charge              of $10 for each additional page. For two sided pages, each side is counted as a page.

                      Example: An 8-page Sheriff's Deed totals $115. $45 for the Summary page plus $10 for each additional 7        pages. 

chart fees

STEP THREE: Calculate transfer fees based on the stated true consideration, usually found on page 4, under the County Sheriff sworn statement of real estate described PLUS any outstanding mortgages or judgments listed on the Affidavit for Consideration for Sheriff's Deeds (usually the last page). Do not include tax sale certificates, water/sewer or property tax amounts as outlined on the back of the Affidavit of Consideration.  This total is the consideration amount and transfer fees should be based on that total.

FINAL STEP: The deed is ready for submission. Sheriff Deeds can be hand delivered to the office, a drop box is in the lobby at 50 Rancocas Road, Mount Holly NJ (1st floor) OR mailed to 50 Rancocas Road, 3rd Floor, Mount Holly NJ 08060, Attn Burlington County Clerk