Farmland Assessment

New Jersey Farmland Assessment Act

Welcome farmers! The New Jersey Farmland Assessment Act of 1964 permits farmland and woodland acres that are actively devoted to agricultural or horticultural use to be assessed based upon their productivity value. As farmers, the act solely refers to assessment of land being farmed and used for specific agricultural and horticultural activity and not to buildings pursuant to the property or land associated with the farmhouse. Rollback taxes are assessed to those properties that have shifted from active use into non-agricultural and/or non horticultural use.

If you are a new farmer or think you are eligible for Farmland Assessment, please check out our 'Additional Links' page and/or contact your local Municipal Tax Assessor to see if your property qualifies.


Dates To Remember

Here are some important dates to remember as it pertains to Farmland Assessment here in Burlington County.

  • January 15th- Burlington County Tax Appeal filing deadline.
  • April 1st- New Jersey State Tax Court Appeal filing deadline.
  • July 1st- FA-1 forms are to be mailed out to current farmers receiving farmland assessment.
  • August 1st- Signed FA-1 Forms are due to your Municipal Tax Assessor.
  • September 1st- Signed FA-X (Late Filing if necessary) Forms are due to your Municipal Tax Assessor.
  • November 1st- Tax Assessors must mail out denial letters to property owners that have been denied the Farmland Assessment.
  • Been denied? You may file a tax appeal. See our 'file an appeal' page. click here