Want To Be A Farmer?

So you want to be a farmer? Check out the eligibility requirements below to see if you qualify. Also ask your local Municipal Tax Assessor for more information regarding if you qualify for Farmland Assessment.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • You must own at least 5 contiguous acres devoted to agricultural/horticultural use;
  • Land must be devoted to agricultural/horticultural uses for at least two consecutive years prior to the tax year;
  • You must apply for Farmland Assessment with the tax assessor on or before August 1 of the pretax year;
  • Land must continue in agricultural/horticultural use to the end of the tax year for which application is made;
  • Gross sales of crops or livestock must total at least $1,000 per year for the first 5 acres, plus $5 per acre for each additional acre;
  • Gross sales of woodland/wetland under a Woodland Management Plan must total at least $500 per year for the first 5 acres, plus 50 cents per acre for any additional acres;
  • For farm management units less than 7 acres, a descriptive narrative of agricultural/horticultural uses, a sketch of their location, and number of acres actively devoted is required.

Please check out our 'Additional Links' page for more information regarding these guidelines.