Election Board


Burlington County Board of Elections
50 Rancocas Road
1st Floor
Mount Holly, NJ 08060


Joseph P. Dugan, Chairperson

George Nyikita, Secretary

William Layton, Member

Reva Foster, Member


Linda Hughes, Republican Administrator

Claudia Castro, Democratic Administrator

About the Board

The Board of Elections is pleased to work cooperatively with the County Clerk and the Superintendent of Elections to provide for a fair and voter-friendly atmosphere for each and every election in Burlington County. 

Feel free to contact us with your inquiries, especially those regarding polling places, and the opportunity to serve as a poll worker. 

The Board of Elections has jurisdiction over the following aspects of elections

  • Recruiting, training, supervising and appointing a sufficient number of District Board workers to staff all 365 polling districts in Burlington County.
  • Receiving, canvassing and counting paper ballots such as vote-by-mail and provisional ballots.
  • Issuing challenger permits and badges to eligible voters.
  • Certifying and inspecting polling places for accessibility and compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.
  • Maintaining vote-by-mail applications
  • Redistricting of municipalities and elections districts when appropriate. Filing maps and the legal boundary descriptions of the election districts with the Attorney General’s Office.
  • Legal advertising
  • Recounting election results (done by court order only)

Board Workers

People are always needed to work on election day for processing voters who come to the polling place to vote. By law, board workers must be registered to vote and either be Democrat or Republican.

An unaffiliated voter may declare their party and then be eligible to work as a board worker. Training is mandatory and a board worker must be re-certified every 2 years. Board workers are paid for each election day.

To apply, fill out and return the Board Worker Application (PDF) or call the Board of Elections at 609-265-5062 or 609-265-5161.


Burlington County Board of Elections Scheduled Meetings

Address of Meetings:
Board of Elections Office | 50 Rancocas Road, 1st Floor | Mt. Holly, NJ
April 20, 202111:00 AMFire Elections and Wrightstown Special Election
May 11, 202111:00 AMMunicipal Election
June 8, 202111:00 AMPrimary Election
July 13, 202111:00 AM
September 14, 202111:00 AMRescheduled from September 7
September 28, 202111:00 AMPossible special school election
October 12, 202111:00 PM
November 2, 202111:00 AMGeneral Election
December 14, 202111:00 AMPossible special school election
January 25, 202211:00 AMPossible special school election
February 18, 202211:00 AMDay before Fire District Election
March 8, 202211:00 AMReorganization Meeting / Possible special school election
Newspapers have been notified.

(possible Special School Election)