1. Amending or Dissolving a Trade / Firm Name

    Find out how to amend or dissolve a trade or firm name.

  2. Bid Solicitations

    Browse information about bid solicitations and active bids in the county.

  3. Bridge Commission

    Learn about the Bridge Commission and the service they offer to the county.

  4. Business Services

    Gather information about helpful business and job seeker information.

  5. Business Trade Name Registration

    Access the appropriate forms to register your business trade name.

  6. Chamber of Commerce

    Explore the Chamber of Commerce site for more business information, or to learn how to join the chamber.

  7. Economic Development

    Discover details about the current economic development happening in the county and the opportunities they bring.

  8. Foreclosures / Sales

    Review the different foreclosure and sale information available through the Sheriff's Office.

  9. Legal RFP / RFQ

    Read what current requests for proposals and quotations are open for the Legal Department.

  10. Procedure on Selling to Burlington County

    Educate yourself on the procedure on selling anything to the county.

  11. Purchasing

    Get information about purchasing opportunities and procedures with the county.

  12. Regional Planning

    Peruse details on the regional planning that is underway.

  13. Small Business Loans

    View details about loans available for those who want to start a small business in the community.

  14. Vendor Portal

    Search the vendor portal for helpful information and resources regarding to the vendors of the county.