Roads & Bridges

All traffic and traffic light related issues should be emailed to the Engineering Division at:


This program consists of maintenance, repair and replacement to more than 400 bridges and 700 culverts throughout Burlington County including guardrails, bridges, culverts, pipes, and dams. This crew is also responsible for ice and snow control of county roads and bridges.


This program is responsible for trimming limbs and removal of dead trees along county roads. They respond to any emergency situations often caused by hurricanes, wind shears, and tornadoes.

Vegetation Maintenance

Burlington County Highway maintains roadside vegetation throughout Burlington County by using approved herbicides, moving and cutting brush regularly March – December. This helps to maintain MUTCD signs for drivers, keeping roads visible to drivers, helping pedestrians and bicyclists see motor vehicles, removal of trees close to highways that could cause accidents, keeping roads maintained with proper drainage system function, helps to preserve the pavement, and helps control weeds. The Burlington County Highway Department follows all state and federal laws regarding spraying and maintenance of vegetation along the roadways.

Vegetation Control Spraying

Please be advised the Roads & Bridges department will be performing vegetation control spraying as part of the county’s mowing maintenance program. This service is completed by a licensed employee who will be addressing areas to control vegetation growth along guiderail, concrete medians, curb lines and traffic control signals within the county row. These areas treated are those that are labor intensive to maintain as well as safety sensitive areas along our highways.

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The Stormwater Section maintains, inspects, and cleans the storm systems on county roads and within the right-of-way. There are over 7,000 inlets within the county. The Stormwater Section also cleans and maintains roadside ditches on county roads.

Letter from the County Supervisor

There are 506 miles of county roadways that are maintained on a day to day basis as well as emergency repair. The Division of Roads and Bridges (formerly, the Highway Department) must repair and correct any hazard or complaints that affect the road system, such as drainage, road repair, mowing, and snow removal.

Weather conditions such as tornadoes, wind shears, and severe flooding have necessitated immediate and sometimes long-term response for damages to county roads, facilities, and appurtenances.

All our road personnel are Public Works First Responders trained to recognize and respond appropriately to emergencies and hazards found along the roadways.

- John A. Janis, Jr., County Supervisor of Roads and Bridges