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COVID-19 Information:

In an abundance of caution, and in the best interests of the health, safety, and welfare of the employees, students, and visitors of the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center, we are following CDC recommended guidelines for social distancing protocols, while inside the facility.  Hand sanitizers are available throughout the Center.  

Course offerings may be affected due to Governors Executive Orders, and/or direction from the County Health Dept.

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Fees & Rules

All agencies that utilize the ESTC for Live Burn Evolutions/Duty Drills. Under NFPA 1403 (Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions), the minimum number of NJDFS Certified FF needed to conduct any and all live burns at the ESTC is ten (10). Broken down as follows:

• two (2) primary attack line
• two (2) back-up line
• two (2) RIC
• one (1) I.C.
• one (1) Pump Operator
• one (1) Safety Officer
• one (1) QTO/burn officer (minimum)

(ESTC Duty Staff are not included as part of the ten required)

As always, partnering with mutual aid departments to make up these numbers is permitted, and indeed encouraged as needed.