Home Electronic Detention System


The purpose of the Home Electronic Detention System (HEDS) is to afford incarcerated persons who have been deemed eligible, but are in need of close supervision or monitoring, an alternative to incarceration, by affording them an opportunity to participate in a HEDS program.


The decision to accept an applicant into the program shall be made solely by the Warden, in his sole discretion. When a Superior Court Judge or Municipal Court Judge believes that an applicant is an eligible candidate for the HEDS program, the court may make a referral recommendation to the Warden. Said judicial recommendation will be reviewed by the Warden for final determination as detailed in this policy.

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Eligibility is restricted to male or female offenders pre-sentenced or sentenced in court or within the State of New Jersey and who reside within jurisdiction of the County of Burlington or within 20 miles from the Burlington County Corrections Department within the state of New Jersey and all candidates must reside in the State of New Jersey. It is located at the following address:

Burlington County Corrections Department
54 Grant Street
Mount Holly, NJ 08060


Accepted participants that have been cleared by the Classification Department and approved by the Warden for approval into the HEDS program shall have an electronic device attached to their ankle which permits a remote monitoring computer to verify the presence or absence of the participant at his/her residence or other approved location.

It is the policy of the Burlington County Department of Corrections to implement, maintain, and ensure efficient monitoring of participants in the Home Electronic Detention System (HEDS).

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