1. Accessing Public Records

    Access public records online.

  2. Amending or Dissolving a Trade / Firm Name

    Find out how to amend or dissolve a trade or firm name.

  3. Business Trade Name Registration

    Discover how to register your business trade name.

  4. Find Your State Legislators

    Browse through a listing of state legislators and locate yours based on the district you live in.

  5. Notary Public Commissions

    Access details about the notary public commissions and how to join.

  6. Office Notary Services

    Gather details about the office notary services offered in the community.

  7. Other Services

    Look at what other services are offered through the county clerk regarding business.

  8. Veterans Services

    View business services the County Clerk offers for veterans.

  9. Vote-By-Mail

    Peruse information about absentee voting, also known as vote-by-mail voting.