Junior Ranger Program

The Junior Ranger Program is a free summer program for children ages 5-12.

There are two levels:

  • Park Pal is for ages 5-8
  • Outdoor Adventurer is for ages 9-12

Registration & Activity Packets

Registration in the overall program will begin on June 8.  When you register online for the overall program, you will receive an emailed confirmation receipt with a link to download the activity packet for the appropriate age group. The activities in the program packets can be completed on your own time throughout the summer within our Burlington County Parks.  Students who complete the activity packet can receive a unique Junior Ranger souvenir patch each year they participate!

There are also individual programs in July - August that coincide with the topics in the Junior Ranger activity packets.  You have to register your child for these events in addition to the overall Junior Ranger Program. Registration for events will be open 1 week prior to the event. Contact the Parks Department at 609-265-5858 with any questions.

all junior ranger patches
Junior Ranger Event Descriptions

Please note that the events planned for this summer 2020 are subject to change based on social distancing regulations and continuing restrictions. Most have been modified from the original plan so that they are not conducted in-person with staff and participants all at the same time. Instead, families can go to the parks and do the activities on their own and report back with what they found. Some other programs scheduled for August may require lower capacity limits, and some may need to be canceled or postponed until they can be safely offered.  All Junior Ranger Program registrants will receive updates of any changes to the schedule.

Junior Ranger Schedule 2020

Parent / Guardian Accompaniment

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult in order to participate in the Junior Ranger events, and parents / guardians should be prepared to stay for the duration of the event, which typically ranges from about 1 hour – an hour and a half.

What to Bring to Park Events

Wear light colored clothing and sneakers and socks – no flip flops, sandals or crocs! Bring insect repellent and bottled water. A hat is recommended.