Veterans Services

DD-214 Registration

Registering veterans discharge papers (Form DD-214) with the County Clerk's Office ensures that a true copy of the original document may always be obtained in the event that the original is lost or destroyed.

All veterans may register their DD-214 in the County Clerk's Office. The DD-214 may be registered by mail provided the original document provided to the veteran is sent. There is no charge for this service unless additional certified copies are requested. The fee for each additional certified copy is $6.00. Additional certified copies may be requested by telephone or mail.


Why a veteran may need copies of the DD-214 discharge papers:

  • Schooling-proof of discharge for dependents of deceased veterans attending high school
  • To obtain funeral benefits
  • To obtain benefits from
  • Proof for property tax exemption
  • Government employment
  • Civilian employers doing government work
  • Job placement
  • Veteran's social clubs
  • Peddler's license

Peddler's License

Applicants for peddler's licenses must reside in the state for at least 6 months and must reside in Burlington County for at least 3 months. Peddler's licenses are issued only to honorably discharged veterans.

Applicants must complete the Peddler's License Application. A DD-214 must be submitted with the application. If the DD-214 is registered in our office, the applicant need not bring one when applying.


Applications are submitted to the New Jersey Department of Defense for approval. Upon approval the peddler's license is mailed to the applicant or the applicant is called when it is available for pick-up.

You can apply for a peddler's license at the County Corner in the Moorestown Mall. We will transport it to Mount Holly for processing.