1. County Administrator

    Peruse information about the clerk of the board and their responsibilities.

  2. Corrections - Jail

    Search information about our corrections department.

  3. County Clerk

  4. Election Board

    The Board of Elections is pleased to work cooperatively with the county clerk and the superintendent of elections to provide for a fair and voter-friendly atmosphere for each and every election in Burlington County.

  5. Finance & Administration

    The Finance and Administration department includes Finance, Purchasing, Grants, Risk Management, Contract Management, and Strategic Planning & Marketing.

  6. Health Department

    Check out resources from the Burlington County Health Department

  7. Human Services

    Includes the Aging & Disabilities Resource Center, Behavioral Health & Youth Services, Community Development & Housing, Employment & Training, and Veterans Services.

  8. Information Technology

    Study information about our Information Technology department.

  9. Legal/Adjuster

    Review our legal department.

  10. Library

    Read about the services the library offers, as well as what books, movies, music, and other items they have.

  11. Prosecutor

    Read about the Office of the Prosecutor.

  12. Public Safety

    Explore our Public Safety department.

  13. Public Works

    Gather information about the services offered to residents that relate to public works.

  14. Recycling and Waste Management

    The Department of Solid Waste is the administrative body for the Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex.

  15. Resource Conservation

    Gather information about the 4-h Youth Development Club, farmland preservation, and other conservation initiatives.

  16. Shared Services

    Check out the Burlington County Bridge Commission's website.

  17. Sheriff's Department

    See information about our sheriff department.

  18. Superintendent of Elections

    Register to Vote.

  19. Superintendent of Schools

    The Burlington County Superintendent of Schools Office serves as a field office of the Department of Education.

  20. Surrogate

    Learn what services the surrogate offers to the residents of Burlington County.

  21. Taxation Board

    Take a look at the responsibilities and functions of the board.