District Solid Waste Management Plan

In 1975 the Solid Waste Management Act (N.J.S.A.13:1E-1et seq.) gave statutory authority and regulatory responsibility to the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders (now known as the Burlington County Board of County Commissioners) for planning for the handling of all types of solid waste. The purpose of the regulations is to protect the public health, public safety, the environment, and natural resources by promoting a regional plan that considers the most effective and efficient use of available resources. The Commissioners have designated the Department of Solid Waste to be the agency responsible for development and implementation of the Burlington County District Solid Waste Management Plan (the Plan).

The Plan serves as a blueprint for how Burlington County implements its solid waste management strategy with respect to waste reduction, recycling, and disposal. It describes requirements for providing garbage disposal for Burlington County waste generators and establishes mandates and goals for keeping recyclables separate from garbage. Additionally, the Plan includes a countywide inventory of the sources, composition, and quantity of solid waste and recyclables generated, projections of the amount and composition of solid waste and recyclables, an inventory of all solid waste and recycling facilities, and an analysis of solid waste and recycling collection systems and programs.

The Freeholders adopted the first District Solid Waste Management Plan in 1979 and adopted major modifications to the Plan in 1980, 1982 and 1986. The 1986 Amendments to the Plan incorporated the District Sludge and Septage Management Plan as required by the 1977 amendments to the Act and the District Recycling Plan in anticipation of the adoption of the Mandatory Recycling Act.

Over time, it has been necessary to amend the Plan in response to subsequent directives from the Legislature, to site or include proposed solid waste facilities and to establish or modify policies and procedures regarding solid waste management. The most recent version of the Plan was adopted by the Freeholders on July 23, 2008. The certification provided by NJDEP on February 2, 2009 required minor modifications to the Plan which were completed and adopted by the Freeholders on July 22, 2009.

The Department of Solid Waste routinely reviews the County's solid waste and recycling strategies, confers with the County Commissioner appointed Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC) and solicits public and private sector input when preparing amendments to the County's Plan.  All proposed amendments are then presented to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration.

In 2019, the Department of Solid Waste collaborated with SCS Engineers to prepare a Solid Waste Disposal Feasibility Study to assess solid waste management strategies, technologies, and opportunities over the next twenty to thirty years. An Update of the District Plan was prepared in 2021 by the Department of Solid Waste as a result of that long-term planning effort.

View a copy of the 2021 District Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF)

For the most part, the 2021 District Solid Waste Management Plan Update is simply an update of the 2009 DSWMP. Solid waste, sludge and recycling data has been updated to reflect the prior ten-year period based on the most recently approved NJDEP data (2009 – 2018).   The Plan Update includes solid waste and sludge projections over the ten-year planning horizon of 2021 – 2031.   The most significant update to the Plan in this regard is the inclusion of information regarding Landfill No. 3, which was anticipated at the Complex since its inception, and is necessary to provide disposal capacity beyond the projected life expectancy of Landfill No. 2 of December 2025.  

The update reflects the closure of four solid waste and recycling facilities.

  • Intermodal Container Facility Safety Kleen in Burlington Township that handled dry industrial and bulk liquid and semi-liquid waste which closed in 2016,
  • Class C Recycling Facility Fillit Sand and Gravel in Palmyra Borough that was permitted to compost leaves and closed in 2014,
  • Class C Recycling Facility in and operated by Evesham Township for the composting of leaves and closed in 2012, and
  • Class D Recycling Facility Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) at the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Hanover Township that recycled consumer electronics and closed in 2018.

The procedures for plan amendments were updated slightly to reflect anticipated changes to the regulations regarding public notice and public hearings for plan amendments required in response to the New Jersey Environmental Justice Law, N.J.S.A. 13:1D-157, et seq.

The recycling plan has been updated to set forth the County’s strategy regarding attainment of state-mandated recycling goals of 50% of the municipal waste stream and 60% of the total waste stream.  The update includes modifications to the definitions of certain designated recyclables; describes enhanced efforts regarding public education and outreach; and sets forth additional measures to increase recycling rates among the residential, commercial, and institutional sectors. 

From time to time the Department of Solid Waste is contacted by individuals or companies proposing to establish a solid waste or recycling facility in Burlington County. Persons interested in siting a solid waste and/or recycling facility in the County are required to submit an application for consideration of Plan inclusion. 

The Department of Solid Waste is responsible for reviewing and processing, in conjunction with the SWAC, all such applications. Following a public information meeting and SWAC meeting, the proposed amendment is submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for action. View the County's Procedures for Plan Amendments (PDF). Finally, all adopted amendments to the District Solid Waste Management Plan require approval/certification by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

Public Notices

No public notices at this time.

Meetings & Agendas  

Agendas and directions to meeting locations will be made available prior to meetings.

More Information

For more information contact Laurie E. van Genderen, District Solid Waste Coordinator at (609) 499-1001, ext. 4306.

Previous Plan Versions

The following is a list of amendments to the Plan since 2009:


Administrative Amendment to include Block 1300, Lots 14,15,16 and 17 in Mount Laurel Township in the list of lots that comprise the Republic Services of NJ Transfer Station. Freeholder approval 12/28/10.
Approved by NJDEP 03/31/11 (PDF).


Amendment 11-1 (PDF): Designation of Implementing Agency for the District Solid Waste Management Plan.
Freeholder approval 05/25/11. Certified by NJDEP 08/11/11 (PDF)

Amendment 11-3 (PDF): Establishing Solid Waste Flow Control.
Freeholder approval 12/14/11. Certified by NJDEP 06/15/12 (PDF).


Administrative Amendment for Moorestown Township to include the Class B Recycling Center at Block 8600, Lots 9 and 12 in the Plan. Freeholder approval 11/28/12. Approved by NJDEP 01/08/13 (PDF)


Administrative Amendment for Herman's Trucking for transfer of ownership and name change to Phoenix Recycling and Composting Company of New Jersey. Freeholder approval 08/28/13. Approved by NJDEP 10/1/13 (PDF).

Administrative Amendment for STA-SEAL for transfer of ownership and name change to Trap Rock Industries. Freeholder approval 08/28/13. Approved by NJDEP 10/01/13 (PDF).


Administrative Amendment for Phoenix Recycling and Composting Company of New Jersey for name change back to Herman’s Trucking.  Resolution #283 adopted 06/25/14.  Approved by NJDEP 07/23/18 (PDF) by issuance of DEP final permit prior to Board action.

Administrative Amendment to include specific information regarding Landfill No. 2, Phase 6 in the DSWMP. Resolution #555 adopted 01/12/14.  Approved by NJDEP 12/22/14 (PDF).


Administrative Amendment to recognize the existence of a Rail Transfer Station/Material Recovery Facility in Hainesport Township (Hainesport Industrial Railroad).  Resolution #226 adopted 05/13/15. Approved by NJDEP 06/03/15 (PDF).


Amendment 17-1 (PDF): Class B Recycling Center, R.E. Pierson Materials Corporation, Cinnaminson Township Resolution #2017-00372 adopted 08/09/17.  Certified by NJDEP 12/27/17 (PDF).


Administrative Amendment for Mimlitsch Enterprises for transfer of ownership and name change to Britton Industries. Resolution #2018-00096 adopted 03/29/18.  Approved by NJDEP 03/29/18.


Amendment 22-1 (PDF): Burlington County District Solid Waste Management Plan Update, March 23, 2022. Certified by NJDEP 09/6/22.

Amendment 22-2 (PDF): To include the Class A Recycling Center, owned by Allied Recycling, Inc., located in Springfield Township, in the 2022 Burlington County District Solid Waste Management Plan adopted on March 23, 2022. Certified by NJDEP 09/6/22.