Museums & Galleries

Burlington County is home to many art galleries and museums. Three art galleries are located right here in your park system! Historic Smithville Park is home to two of them - The Smithville Mansion Annex Gallery and The Worker’s House Museum & Gallery. 

Smithville Mansion Annex Gallery - Historic Smithville Park, Eastampton, NJAnnexGallery

The Smithville Mansion Annex Gallery
 hosts larger exhibits and group art shows.

46th Promo

46th Annual Juried Art Show

September 29 – November 20 

Reception: September 30, 5 -7 PM  Open to all!

 The most anticipated art show of the year welcomes a plethora of outstanding artists that will be featured at the Annex Gallery throughout the fall. Year after year, artists who enter this show, continue to demonstrate their creativity and innovation and highlight their best works of art. This year, we welcome everyone back into our galleries and are excited to showcase all the spectacular art. 

The Warden's House Gallery - 150 High Street, Mount Holly, NJ

Wardens House 3

The Warden’s House Gallery, the home of the Hugh Campbell Collection also features fine art.

Rick Rose Promo 1Rick Rose: Framed in the Warden’s House

September 22 – November 12 

Local artist Rick Rose grew up in Mt Holly New Jersey, attended the Philadelphia University of Arts, and then moved to Maine. He now currently splits his time between Maine and New Jersey. Wherever Rick is, his art is tethered to the moments and places in his life. Visits to the woods provide images and memories that combine art and life. Strong color and kinetic energy vibrate to give a moment for thoughts to emerge. Photos and memories of time provide the structure from which he works.

Rick starts by building layers of color on canvas, paper, or alternative materials. Everything from maps to take-out menus are used, and layers are then often wiped off and re-layered. While the ebb and flow of the process is much like wandering in the woods, instinct and a sense of direction guide his way. Through drawing and color, flow the metaphors of life. “

Art is like a bike – it is a vehicle to transport you.” – Rick Rose 

Worker's House Gallery - Historic Smithville Park, Eastampton, NJ

Workers House Front

The Worker’s House focuses on hand-crafted art and textiles.

Miho Promo Kiya PromoEarth and Color: Featuring Kiya Nicole and Miho Kahn

October 6 – November 26 

Miho and Kiya are inspired by their love of nature and by the artistic conversations that happen between the mother-daughter duo. They have very different artistic practices, but their wonder for the earth and their joy in creating bind them together. For this exhibit they come together in conversation with each other’s work, taking inspiration from the colors and intuitive process of making. 

Historic Prison Museum - 128 High Street, Mount Holly

Prison 2

The Burlington County Prison Museum is a National Historic Landmark located in historic Mount Holly. Designed by Robert Mills, one of America 's first native-born and trained architects, the Burlington County Prison was completed in 1811. One of Robert Mills' first designs as an independent architect, the interior vaulted ceilings of poured concrete and brick and stone construction made the building virtually fireproof. In fact, it was so well constructed that it remained in constant use until 1965.  

Burlington County Lyceum of History & Natural Sciences - 307 High Street, Mount Holly

Burlington County Lyceum of History & Natural Sciences - 307 High Street, Mount Holly, NJ

The Burlington County Lyceum of History and Natural Sciences, at 307 High Street in Mount Holly is the County’s first general history and natural science museum to be housed in the Langstaff Mansion.  

Built in the 1830s, the Mansion was home to the Langstaff Family and became the original Burlington County Lyceum of History and Natural Sciences in the 1860s.  Most recently, the building was home to the Mount Holly Library until being purchased by the County in 2013.  The Library was the depository for 127 original volumes of the Library Company of Bridgetown formed in 1765. The museum will be dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Burlington County through examination of its diverse communities, their ways of life, and their contributions to the world as it once was and as it is today.  

In addition to the installation of state-of-the-art exhibits and visual displays for the museum,  the landscaping has been restored to reflect the way the Langstaff Mansion looked from High Street in the 1800s. 

The Underground Railroad Museum of Burlington County operated in the City of Burlington for several years as a private enterprise by Louise Calloway at a site directly behind a station on the Underground Railroad. Following the Museum’s closure in the spring of 2013, the Burlington County Commissioners announced that a special exhibit of the Museum’s possessions would be housed at Smithville under the auspices of the Burlington County Parks System. This permanent location on the Historic Smithville Park grounds is now open. The museum offers visitors a visual presentation of the Underground Railroad experience in America, with emphasis on New Jersey and Burlington County where the Underground Railroad flourished before the Civil War. 

Underground Railroad Museum - Historic Smithville Park

Underground Railroad Building