Rancocas Creek Greenway Trail - Newton's Landing section

The Newton's Landing Trail is a section of the Rancocas Creek Greenway Trail in Delanco Township.  The newly opened portion of the Rancocas Creek Greenway Trail extends from Amico Island in Delran to Pennington Park in Delanco. The trail is divided into two segments for easier viewing and planning: Riverside section and Delanco/Newtons Landing section. Pennington Park is the access point for the Delanco/Newtons Landing section.  This regional multi-use paved trail will follow the Rancocas Creek corridor. The trail is open dawn to dusk every day of the year.

The Delanco section of the Rancocas Creek Greenway Trail is 2.23 miles one way from Pennington Park to the Pavilion Ave. bridge (Rancocas Creek crossing). The trail continues 1.5 miles on the Riverside Twp side of the creek, connecting to Amico Island.  The entire length from Amico Island to the end of Pennington Park’s yellow trail is 3.7 miles (one way).

Click here for a larger view of the Delanco section

Rancocas Greenway Trail Delanco section

Starting at Pennington Park’s eastern parking lot near the dog parks, the regional trail begins on the yellow trail and runs 0.9 miles through Pennington Park. It then continues 0.62 miles behind the Newton’s Landing development, all off-road through open space. At 1.5 miles, the paved trail goes goes under the Light Rail tracks and ends at Pennsylvania Ave.

At the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave and Rancocas Ave, pedestrians can continue left (west) onto Rancocas Ave but bikes must go a different route due to the one-way traffic on Rancocas Ave. The detail map below shows the route for bikes traveling west towards Amico Island and the route returning east towards Pennington Park. From Rancocas Ave., the trail turns left onto Burlington Ave. which becomes the Pavilion Ave. bridge that crosses the Rancocas Creek into Riverside.

Detail map - click for a larger view

Rancocas Greenway Trail Delanco section- DETAIL
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