Join the Workforce Development Board (WDB)

  • Become a part of a dynamic group of business professionals.
  • Lend your creativity and expertise to the decision making process.
  • Network with your local elected officials and business leaders.
  • Develop relationships with the community college and vocational school.
  • Benefit from presentations to the business community, such as Labor Information.

Current WDB Membership

Nomination Process

Burlington County WDB members are selected based on their reputation, knowledge and expertise in the workplace, the community and on workforce readiness issues.

Interested individuals must reside and/or work in Burlington County.

Current WDB Executive Board members and staff meet with prospective nominees to explain the responsibilities and determine interest.

Names of eligible nominees, along with a resume and a letter of desired interest, are submitted to the Burlington County Board of County Commissioners for approval.


The WDB is a partnership of local education, government and business leaders working together to ensure the workforce readiness of today's and tomorrow's employees.

Membership has been designated according to State Employment and Training Commission's (SETC) guidelines and is in accordance with not only SETC guidelines, but also in compliance with the WIOA.


The intent of the membership is to provide the deepest representation of the county. Some of the members satisfy the membership requirements of more than one category and are thus assigned dual roles.

Additionally, the board continues to utilize a committee structure, which encourages the involvement of other organizations and agencies. Through these committees, the board is able to incorporate the perspective, energy, expertise, and creativeness of various organizations that play an integral role in the workforce development for the county.

The Burlington County WDB will continue to impartially represent the interest of each participating agency, while developing a system that gets resources to the people in the community who need them.