Are there any restrictions?
Yes there are. You can not use OJT funded trainees to replace employees laid off within six months prior to the date of your application. You must agree to hire any OJT trainees as regular, full time employees. The rate of pay and benefits must be commensurate with what you pay others for doing similar work.

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1. As an employer, how do I access OJT training dollars?
2. Are there any restrictions?
3. Can companies re-hire one of their previously released (laid off) employees?
4. How do I benefit by participation in the OJT Program?
5. How long will the process take to get the OJT approved?
6. What if an employer has already selected a candidate for OJT training?
7. What kinds of positions are eligible for consideration for OJT?
8. Who can be an OJT Employer?