What is the Burlington County Medical Reserve Corps (BCMRC)?
The mission of the Burlington County Medical Reserve Corps (BCMRC) is to improve the health and safety of communities by organizing and utilizing public health, medical, and other volunteers.

One aspect of the BCMRC is to enhance the County’s emergency preparedness by ensuring that a trained group of healthcare professionals and community volunteers are ready to respond to public health emergencies. Another is to support the health department and community health promotion throughout the year.

Anyone can join the MRC! BCMRC now has about 700 members who are categorized as healthcare professionals or community health members. Our membership includes nurses, physicians, pharmacists, clerical, translators, social workers, mental health professionals, and many more!

BCHD ensures that our volunteers are trained, credentialed, and ready to respond when needed.

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1. What is the Medical Reserve Corps?
2. What is the Burlington County Medical Reserve Corps (BCMRC)?
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