What does a BCMRC volunteer do?
MRC members may help in critical ways. They may:

- Conduct medical screening or evaluation
- Give vaccine or medicine
- Answer questions in a hotline call center
- Provide behavioral health support
- Help with mass patient care in shelters, clinics or hospitals
- Assist with disease control measures, such as case finding and monitoring
- Clerical support
- Translation services
- Other duties as assigned

Volunteers may be asked to respond during large and small-scale emergencies, such as an influenza pandemic, a bioterrorism event, a severe storm that requires the county to open mass shelters, or other event that overwhelms community resources.

The BCMRC makes every effort to match the emergency roles of volunteers with their professional skills and licensure. In addition, all volunteers are given specific training for response and, if necessary, are provided with medication, vaccine or equipment to protect themselves.

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