How should I dispose of my used syringes?

Used syringes are a common contaminant at our recycling center and also a dangerous one that puts the safety of our workers at risk! Therefore, they do not belong in your recycling container. Never put them in recycling. To safely dispose of used syringes, check with your doctor about a prescription for containers for used sharps or you may buy them online. If you do not wish to pursue either of these options, place the clipped needle and syringe in a sturdy plastic container such as a detergent bottle. Put a warning label stating "WARNING: USED SYRINGES" on the container. Seal the bottle and tightly recap it as well as duct tape it. To correctly and safely dispose of the container, please bring it to a participating hospital or place it in your regular trash. DO NOT RECYCLE THIS CONTAINER. For more information, please visit our safe syringe disposal webpage at

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1. How should I dispose of my used syringes?
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