How do you determine the value of my development rights?
The easement value of your farm is affected by a number of variables; including location, zoning, road frontage, soil types, and wetland characteristics. To determine the easement value, two state-certified appraisers will be hired by the county to appraise your property. Each appraiser values the fee simple or “before easement” value of your land and its restricted or “after easement” value. The difference between the two values is the appraised value of your “development rights,” or what the county will pay you for your development easement.

Before = $7,000 per acre = Value of land unrestricted
After = $3,000 per acre = Value of land if restricted
Payment = $4,000 per acre = Value of development rights (the price paid by the county to preserve the land)

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6. How do you determine the value of my development rights?
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